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Clearwater Road Management Area

About Us

  • "As conservationists we should not tolerate the illegal activities that are reducing our opportunity to enjoy the beauty and excitement of the outdoors."

    Sign up for a CORT Class and have WDFW Enforcement Officers teach you how to identify, document and report wildlife and other natural resource crimes.
    You Can Make A Difference!
    Join our organization and become part of an effort to reduce poaching and other natural resource abuses.

    The foundation of our programs are all based off our (C.O.R.T.) Crime Observation Reporting Training program.

    We have created a state wide network of trained citizens dedicated to reducing poaching, illegal garbage dumping, vandalism and other natural resource abuses on public and private property. We also train volunteers to help wildlife and natural resource agencies with citizen engaged projects from field data collection, biological sample collection to habitat enhancement projects.

Current Projects

  • EITW Matheny Wildlife Habitat Enhancement Project

    Here is a brief update on the Matheny Pre-commercial thinning Habitat Project.

    Twelve hardy souls ventured into the thick of the Olympic Rain Forest to tackle tons of slash piled deep. Their purpose was to open the ground to access for the wildlife of the forest and allow for some of their favorite food plants to flourish.

    Three of our trained sawyers; Kyle Winton, Frank Stinchfield, and Jack Smith led crews of swampers in piling approximately 40 new habitat piles and clearing several acres of prime potential habitat for our wildlife friends. We worked in stand 3.2 miles to the west of the areas previously piled by WCC and RMEF crews, within the area allowed under the spotted owl and murrelet restrictions. Maps of the restricted areas were provided by Betsy Howell, the USFS biologist supervising the project.


    Written on Monday, 16 June 2014 17:14 in Wildlife
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