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opzioni binarie antonio lorenzo example essay about myself spm EITW Matheny Wildlife Habitat Enhancement Project

source link Here is a brief update on the Matheny Pre-commercial thinning Habitat Project.

http://www.shix.it/oy/32/532.html Twelve hardy souls ventured into the thick of the Olympic Rain Forest to tackle tons of slash piled deep. Their purpose was to open the ground to access for the wildlife of the forest and allow for some of their favorite food plants to flourish.

see url Three of our trained sawyers; Kyle Winton, Frank Stinchfield, and Jack Smith led crews of swampers in piling approximately 40 new habitat piles and clearing several acres of prime potential habitat for our wildlife friends. We worked in stand 3.2 miles to the west of the areas previously piled by WCC and RMEF crews, within the area allowed under the spotted owl and murrelet restrictions. Maps of the restricted areas were provided by Betsy Howell, the USFS biologist supervising the project.



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We were extremely lucky to have the services of Matt and Kazuko Smith of Morton, WA. They graciously provided their side by side ATV which carried all the equipment, fuel, and lunches the three fourths mile into the work site. They were also very helpful at the camp. Kaz was extremely organized in the kitchen and together they kept us in lunches in the field. This made us very productive in the field and we got the most out of our hours because of their equipment.


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Other swampers included Larry Waters, Thomas W Main, Brian Harper, Jeff Prutzman, Rich Kinney, and Anthonee Gibbs. These folks were all master hunter candidates and we are indebted to that program for sending us fresh recruits for slash piling. It is not glamorous work, physical, but we make it a good time anyway. Scott Harris came out and photographed some of the progress being made in improving this wildlife habitat.


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Before                                                                 After


We had a great crew who accomplished a lot for wildlife habitat. They come from all walks of life and with so many different experiences that the sessions are very enjoyable. They are all united in the goal of improving the habitat for wildlife on this land where public access is guaranteed.


recensioni iqoption com Eyes In The Woods (EITW), Back Country Horsemen, and USFS work party on Saturday the 22nd of February.

The Back Country Horsemen provided the certified chain saw folks and they were good.  Pete Erben, Bruce Brown, Cheryl, Todd, Chris, and Chris all ran chain saws while Dale Soost, John Arnold, Duane Arnold, Jeff Prutzman, Jack Smith and Todd's son all piled slash.  Sorry about no names or last names for some, as I don't have the participants list and this is what I know from memory.

On Sunday some of the horsemen, Pete Erben and Frank Stinchfield worked on the site.

We had a great time, moved a lot of wood, and I'm guessing cleared several acres of slash and cut several paths into other areas of the thinning for travel lanes and to allow us to expand the network of small opening eventually.

We really enjoyed working with the Horsemen and look forward to helping them on one of their projects later in the year.

Thanks to all for their roles in getting this project moving for the year.  Next is the chain saw certification training next Friday Febuary 28th  and Saturday March 1st.

Additional weekend projects will be posted as needed.

Hope to see you there, please register on our calendar and sign up today!



  http://www.villavard.se/essh-32037 What is the EITW Matheny Wildlife Habitat Enhancement Project


Conservation concerns for elk on the peninsula have focused on quality and quantity of forage.  And with the decline of regeneration harvest on federal lands, this concern has only become magnified. In responding to the forage issue, as well as other concerns such as disturbance, several restoration projects have already taken place, or are in progress, in the Matheny Creek area, including past commercial thinning and road decommissioning. Additionally, year-round closures exist on some segments of road systems. Many of the pre-commercial thinned forests have excessive slash left on the ground preventing use by elk and other wildlife. In addition, creating small openings in this slash adds foraging value for a number of species dependent on early forest stages.

In February 2011, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF) approved funding for  elk habitat enhancement work in the Matheny Creek watershed of Olympic National Forest (ONF). This work was to consist of approximately 247 acres of young stand thinning, of which 110 acres would also subsequently have slash treatment (piling) done. The objectives included using the thinning process to open up even-aged stands to simulate forage production, then bucking and piling slash to facilitate animal movement.

Matheny Creek is a tributary to the Queets River in the western Olympic Mountains and is known for its large elk population, with a sizeable herd (300+) residing in the area. In the fall of 2011, the work of pre-commercially thinning eight stands totaling 241 acres was accomplished by the USFS through a contract. Because these stands were at the upper age limit for pre-commercial thinning, this work left a large amount of slash on the ground. Consequently, Olympic National Forest (ONF) personnel spent all of 2012 organizing crews to build habitat piles from slash in the thinned areas and opening the stands back up to allow access for elk and other wildlife. This has created cover for a number of mammal, bird, and reptile species, and has also provided more open ground for forage species to become established. All remaining RMEF funds were utilized in 2012. While all funds were used there is still a need to pile slash and create more small openings in the thinning for early forest stage species.

Eyes In the Woods has scheduled a volunteer work party to continue this work in the Matheny Creek Area this June.  This is in cooperation with the ONF, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), and RMEF.  This work party is scheduled for the weekend of June 15, and 16, 2013.  Participants can meet at the WDFW Clearwater Cabin on the evening of June 14,2013.  This will serve as the project headquarters.  Camping is available at this site.  Alternatively, participants can meet at the junction of Highway 101 and the USFS 21 - West Boundary Road at 9 AM on the morning of June 15, 2013.  Participants should bring their own hand tools and appropriate safety equipment (hard hats, gloves, safety goggles etc.) if bringing chain saws, brush cutters and other hand tools.  Hiking to the work site is required.  There is no vehicle access.  Please plan accordingly.  Lunches will be available for those who stay at the Clearwater site.

Additional weekend projects will be posted as needed.

Hope to see you there, please register on our calendar and sign up today!