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Our Mission


The mission of Eyes In The Woods (EITW) is to assist the appropriate agency, which governs their Fish and Wildlife with the coordination of volunteer efforts. We also cooperate with other organizations on conservation and protection projects that perpetuate our natural resources.


Our Goal


 Our primary goal is to reduce poaching and other abuses of our natural resources through education and reporting. We accomplish this through our various programs and activities.


Our Programs


At the base of all of our programs is our Crime observation & Reporting Training Class (CORT) In this introductory training class citizens learn about the role of WDFW & DNR Enforcement Officers. They learn about the complicated tasks of protecting natural resources through education and enforcement of the laws. Citizens learn how they can assist in properly observing, documenting, and reporting violations and violators in a NON-CONFRONTATION way.


Other EITW programs include Biological Check Stations, Habitat Enhancement Projects, Property Watch, Stream Watch, Wildlife Program, and our Observation Witness League (OWL) Program.


Get Involved


We need you as a volunteer! Please get involved and assist in one of our programs. You will start by attending a CORT Class and then progress by taking other training as needed.  Once trained and certified some of the activities you may be involved in may include habitat thinning projects, telemetry studies, biological field or stream gathering studies, overt/covert camera installation & monitoring, and radio-collar studies.




A select few of our volunteers are selected to go through a background check, Enforcement Officer Interview, and a ride-along before final selection to the OWL team. OWL Team members receive specialized volunteer training using modern technology in monitoring, observing, documenting, and reporting activity on sensitive projects. These are projects where additional EYES are needed yet assigning multiple officers is not feasible nor warranted. In essence, volunteers become extended Eyes for Enforcement Officers in the field. All OWL Team activities are conducted at distance and are always non-confrontational with subjects.


Why We Do It!


If you made it to this page then you must be connected to the great outdoors in one way or another. We believe that those that step forward and volunteer not only love the great outdoors but have a passion for it. Too often public lands are shut down or amenities are reduced or eliminated because of abuse. Help us stop the abuse of our public lands, fish and wildlife. Enroll in a CORT Class and become one of our valued volunteers.  We must keep public lands open and accessible for the future.




The Eyes In The Woods Association Inc. shall be the catalyst organization connecting citizen volunteers with the professionals that manage our natural resources, for the benefit of all.

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