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"As conservationists we should not tolerate the illegal activities that are reducing our opportunity

to enjoy the beauty and excitement of the outdoors."

Sign up for a CORT Class and have WDFW Enforcement Officers teach you how to identify, document and report wildlife and other natural resource crimes.


You Can Make A Difference!


Join our organization and become part of an effort to reduce poaching and other natural resource abuses.

The foundation of our programs are all based off our (C.O.R.T.) Crime Observation Reporting Training program.

We have created a state wide network of trained citizens dedicated to reducing poaching, illegal garbage dumping, vandalism and other natural resource abuses on public and private property. We also train volunteers to help wildlife and natural resource agencies with citizen engaged projects from field data collection, biological sample collection to habitat enhancement projects.


Mission Statement:


The mission of this non-profit corporation shall be to assist the appropriate State or Provincial Agency, which governs their Fish and Wildlife with the coordination of volunteer efforts and to cooperate with other organizations in the policy, conservation, protection, and the perpetuation of our natural resources.


Who We Are:


A volunteer citizens organization responsive to our natural resource needs.


Our Vision Statement:

The Eyes In The Woods Association Inc. shall be the catalyst organization connecting citizen volunteers with the professionals that manage our natural resources, for the benefit of all.


Our Purpose:


To assist with the reduction of poaching, other resource abuses, and biological information gathering and resource enhancement projects.


What We Do:


Work closely with WDFW Personnel to:

Locate areas of needed Volunteer as assistance.

Educate and Organize Volunteer Resources.

Involve volunteers in Resource Protection,Research and Habitat Enhancement Projects.


The Crime Observation & Reporting Training program (CORT) Volunteer Expectations:


  • Be willing to identify, document, and report abuses in a non-confrontational manner, and testify if required.

  • Act as a deterrent to resource abuses through exposure.

  • Mentor by example while participating in ethical outdoor activities.

  • Be an information source about the CORT program.

  • Become a supporting Eyes In The Woods member.


Current Activities:


CORT classes, Big Game Check Stations, Field Data Collection, Deer and Elk projects/Studies, Habitat Enhancement, Land Access & Preventing Forest Dumping of Garbage, Streamwatch, Posting Game Management Unit Boundary’s and more.

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